"Coming together is a start. Cohesion is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Our culinary partners behind your pampering

We work primarily with local suppliers and source our products from the region, sometimes directly from the farm. We thus promote and support the added value of the communities of Schangnau and Marbach. We are pleased that four bakeries, two cheese dairies, two butcheries and countless innovative and exemplary farms are still able to go about their daily business in the two communities.

Thanks to our good cooperation, hopefully all our businesses will one day pass on to the next generation. Together, we are making our contribution so that our descendants can experience our region as wonderfully as we do today. We call this great-grandchild suitability.

We would now like to introduce you to some of these businesses, our culinary partners. We have been working with many of them for a long time and can look back on a successful and friendly cooperation. Here you can find the most important partners.

Bakery Bieri

Kemmeriboden partner since 1975


The Bakery Bieri supplies us with bread, pastetli and other bakery products.

Bakery Bieri

Bakery Stein

Kemmeriboden partner since 1939


The legendary Kemmeriboden Merängge has always been handmade in the Stein Bakery and delivered to us.

Mountain cheese dairy Marbach

Kemmeriboden partner since 1981


Milk, cheese, yogurt and the tasty "Chäserei Nidle", which completes our Merängge, is delivered to us by the mountain cheese dairy Marbach.

Mountain cheese dairy Marbach

Family Klötzli

Kemmeriboden partner since 2005


From the family Klötzli from Schangnau we are supplied with Schangnauer organic hay and honey.

Fritz Stettler

Kemmeriboden partner since 1995


Once or twice a week we receive fresh organic eggs from Fritz Stettler, from his farm near the Räbloch in Schangnau.

Fruit service Lotzwil

Kemmeriboden partner since 1991


Vreni and Sigi Strasser supply us with fruits, mushrooms, salads and seasonal vegetables. Thanks to them, there is often only a short distance between the harvest and the processing at Kemmeriboden.

Fruit service Lotzwil

Hohgant Cheese Dairy Schangnau

Kemmeriboden partner since 2011


We receive the Schangnau nut cheese and the Hohgant cheese from Susanne and Markus Aegeter, the owners of the Hohgant cheese dairy.

Hohgant cheese dairy Schangnau

Gerbers Farm

Kemmeriboden partner since 1994


Our berry supplier, Maria Gerber, supplies us in summer with her delicious Schangnau blueberries. Her blueberry juice and nectar is also available in our shop during the year.

Butchery Bieri

Kemmeriboden partner since 2012


We receive meat Several times a week from the butchery Bieri, which gets its animals from the region.

Butchery Bieri

Butchery Krügel

Kemmeriboden partner since 1985


The meat of the butchery Krügel comes from the Unesco Biosphere. Our kitchen obtains various meat products from the village butchery in Marbach.

Buchery Krügel

Niklaus Wittwer / Vennerhuus

Kemmeriboden partner since 1990


Niklaus Wittwer creates with us the Kemmeriboden Assemblage line. We purchase these top wines and other fine wines from Vennerhuus.


Schönisey Farm / Family Gfeller

Kemmeriboden partner since 2005


Family Gfeller, from the neighboring farm Schönisey, supplies us with products from their water buffalos.

Farm Schönisey

Distillery Studer

Kemmeriboden partner since 1988


Ivano and Käthi Friedli-Studer produce the Merängge liqueur for us. The liquid dessert was created together with Kemmeriboden Bad.

Distillerie Studer

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch

Kemmeriboden partner since 2018


As an ambassador company, we help to preserve this exceptional natural and cultural landscape and to strengthen the living and economic space UNSECO Biosphere Entlebuch.

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch


Meet our photograph!


Meet our photograph!